You gotta let that shit go, put down the garbage that someone else gave you, its been long enough babe.

I had a dear friend who unfortunately decided that he needed to cut ties with me due to personal feelings and circumstances in his life. He didn’t really give me any knowledge of why but just acted on what he felt was best for him. I was outraged!!! Didn’t I deserve a conversation? I stewed over all the ways I was right, I was justified in my feelings, all the things I NEEDED to say to him to achieve my peace. I wrote letters and talked to my friends and continued to state, “I have a right to my feelings, and I have a right to be heard” Yes, yes, I do, that is true. But was this bringing me peace. What outcome was I expecting? Could I let go without the answers I THOUGHT I desperately needed?

I decided to let go of the “why”, my thoughts opinions and feelings are valid, but they are MINE. I thanked him quietly for the friendship, the lessons, the gifts he brought my life and I visualized it all leaving in a beautiful bubble above my head. I had a sense of peace wash over me. Feeling free is far better then holding on to why.

You gotta own your shit. Your life is your fault, your successes, your fuck ups, all the shit, all the love; its all your fault. Own it. Thank it. Then let it go.

I had a client who when we were looking at properties he was telling me about his ex-wife, when he started to talk about her I could feel the rage boil up inside him and I could feel it like razors cutting into his soul. Now she did him wrong, I will very much say that was true, but I assumed the way his emotions were so raw, so intense that the incidents that lead to the demise of their marriage was recent. Then as the conversations went on it came to light it was not recent, but over 20 years had passed. He has not been married since and I don’t believe any significant relationships.

It made me think how utterly powerless he made himself to her. He has given her the power to control his emotions, thoughts, and feelings in such a negative way for most of his life he forgot to live. Is he right to mad, yes? Is he right and she wrong, in that instance yes. But why allow a shitty person who made shitty decisions to control your life? Now its time to choose peace.

We all have similar stories, similar experiences where we continue to allow someone or something to dictate our present moment. When you are faced with someone who is challenging you, who you feel you deserve justice, ask yourself will this bring me peace? If your reaction is solely based on your entitlement to be correct, is that the best answer? Breath in, know that you are living in YOUR truth

What we give out always comes back to us. So, lets drop the past and work on loving ourselves in the now. Then we will create the peaceful future we deserve. The tragedy in life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.

Kelsi Bates