If you’re like me, you have been blindsided by some unexpected happenings. You may be devastated, distraught, confused, hurt (“like stabbed in the chest” hurt or like someone is strangling you and you can’t take a breath), feeling hopeless, lost…the list goes on. I want you to know that your life isn’t over, in fact in may have just started to begin.

After my life was turned upside down, it took me a while to realize that God still had good plans for my life. At first, I just thought all of my hopes and dreams were just gone. I discovered that just because my ex chose the path he chose, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t still have what I desired.

I had a vision this morning as I was praying for a friend who is really struggling right now. I thought of building a puzzle with someone. You choose the picture and then start putting the pieces together, but then the other person decides they don’t want to build that puzzle with you anymore. They make the decision to go off on their own and build their own puzzle and maybe they even take some of your pieces with them or destroy them so you can’t even finish it on your own. Once I decided to give God all of the pieces, he gave me a new puzzle. The picture isn’t the same and I can’t even tell what the end result will be, but I’m going to start putting it together one piece at a time because I trust that this one is going to be even bigger and more beautiful than the one I chose myself.

How about you? What has happened in your life recently that has seemed to throw you off course? Will you trust that there may be something better out there for you?

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