We all have a voice in our head.

It is talking to us all the time.

If you just said, I don’t know what she means,

That would be the voice in your head.

The voice in your head is simply:

  • Our never-ending thoughts
  • The conversations we have with our thoughts

We act like this voice is elevator music.

We think thoughts and converse with ourselves,

But never really notice what we are thinking.

The problem with that is:

  • Our thoughts determine how we feel.
  • How we feel determines what we do or don’t do.
  • What we do or don’t do gives us the results in our life.

So, the question becomes:

Why are you letting those unnoticed thoughts run your life?

It’s a little bit like:

  • Getting in your car
  • Turning on the radio
  • Letting the DJ tell you where to drive

You might have been driving to a game of golf.

But the Radio DJ says go to work, so you go to work.

I know you would never do that.

But consider your unnoticed thoughts are doing that with your life!

You can stop results caused by unnoticed thinking when you:

1. Listen and notice the thoughts you are thinking.

2. Notice how those thoughts make you feel.

3. Notice what you do or don’t do when you feel like that.

4. Notice the result you are getting.

5. If you don’t like how your feel, act or the result you are getting, choose a different thought to think.

This is called deliberating thinking.

Practicing deliberating thinking is like exercise for your mind.

The more you practice, the better you will become.

The more you will achieve the results you want in your life.

Cindy Esch
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