I am so lucky that I married an Engineer! For starters, I never had to help our boys with their math homework. I’m confident that I could’ve figure it out, but boy was it nice that I didn’t have to. The Christmas lights on our house are perfectly measured and straight as an arrow. And our lawn is meticulously mowed every three days in patterns as if it were a major league baseball field. Did I mention that my Engineer husband also has a surprisingly likable personality and is completely adorable… errr, I mean very manly, strong and handsome? Yep, I completely won the lottery with him.

To say we have a perfect marriage might be too strong of a word, but I say it all the time. It’s certainly perfect for us. The balance in our relationship gives each of us the opportunity to do what we love and wallow in our favorite activities, yet continue to strive to be the best version of ourselves. And our respect and appreciation for that balance has helped our marriage remain fresh and rewarding for 22 years. The older I get, the more I love this. I love the way we complement each other and support each other…. each of us have a role in our family. And we’re way beyond needing to ask what the other one needs. It’s innate. It’s a given.

What does that actually look like? Well, here’s an example. I literally spend all day on Sundays in the kitchen with my apron on, sipping wine, re-watching my favorite chic flics and preparing ginormous home-cooked meals. I lovingly divide up my creations into reusable containers, label and freeze them so that my boys will have homemade lunches every day. It’s my favorite way to spend a Sunday. It’s my happy place. And he’s usually outside, mowing a perfect diagonal pattern or referencing the blueprint of the sprinkler system he installed so that he can add to our landscaping. And occasionally he grabs his pellet gun to scare off any critters who threaten our precious home. We end our day together with happy hour, dinner, laughter and stories.

I long for balance in my life and I’m looking to really simplify. I’m picky about how I spend my time and who I spend it with. One thing I know for sure… those Sundays at home are just what the doctor ordered.

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