Perfection: The search for the perfectly imperfect.

As I was mowing the lawn tonight with my weed eater trying to get all the stray blades of grass pushed up against the edging and having no luck. I had to settle for good enough. Otherwise, I’d have spent all my gas on just a couple blades of grass that this time next week will be just as stubborn. My yard isn’t perfect, far from it. It has dry spots where the trees get more water than the lawn, weeds no matter how much I pull them. I have to resolve myself to a perfect that’s imperfect. Beauty is naturally imperfect. The human face is not symmetrical. I remember seeing an article once that proved it. This article took photos of naturally beautify (commonly thought of as beautiful and made the faces symmetrical- took the left half of the photo and replicated it on the right side.  I remember thinking how displeasing to the eye those normally gorgeous people now looked.

Women who have children understand better than us childless counter parts. Children are messy unpredictable – dare I say imperfect. Yet, Children are loving, fun, adorable, creative, beautiful, and fabulous – in short, PERFECT.  I’m reminded of Mary Poppins-where the children weren’t allowed to be children. They were expected to be little adults by their father. As soon as the father embraced them as children (read: imperfect) he realized how perfect they were.

The Native Americans realized that there is no such thing as perfection.  The fact that we are human is proof we are imperfect-prone to flaws. Beading traditions in some Native American tribes put a miss colored bead in the beadwork to represent the imperfectness. This is an offering to spirit to recognize the perfection of spirit and the hope that we could only look upon that perfection. So as the sun is going down and magic hour has passed I realize that perfection is fleeting and imperfection is what really needs to be embraced on this earth.

Charlene Stackle
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