Routines saved my life!

Physical and emotional chaos can create anxiety, fear and insecurity in just about anyone. It is particularly harmful to children. 

I was one of those children.

I was surrounded by chaos. The physical chaos was the constant projects and piles of stuff we lived with. The emotional chaos, well, that goes without saying. 

But amongst all that chaos, I was actually very lucky to have a fairly scheduled day, week and weekend. Things like school, homework, piano practice, piano lessons, swim practice, Camp Fire, piano recitals, swim meets and chores. 

Having a schedule, and knowing my schedule really eased my anxiety. The anxiety that came from never being sure what was going to happen when at home.  

Fast forward to beginning of my stint as a single mother. I chose to continue my education and get a degree, and out of necessity worked a full time and part time job. Routines saved the day again. At this time, I had wonderful roommates that helped me out with the girls, the sitter lived next door, and I lived in a very small town, so, travel to work was about a 5 minute drive. 

I graduated from college and started life on my own with my two little ones. I got a job, the girls and I moved into our own space, and the real adventure began. I literally had no help, so, I needed to figure out how to fit it all in.

Again, routines saved the day! I actually created a chart with the days of the week, and the schedule for those days, including chores, mealtime, kids activities, work, and anything else that was planned for the week. My landlord saw my chart posted on the fridge, and was both impressed and amused. 

I didn’t know it then, not did my landlord, but I would come to create a business teaching time management;, and Time Management includes routine. Today I teach my clients the same method. However, it has evolved a bit and now actually has a name. 

Did routines really save my life? 

Maybe not my life, but they saved my sense of wellbeing, my sense of security, and my sense of having some control over my life.  And aren’t those important parts of life? 

I say yes!

Cindy Vanhoff
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