So – I realize I’m no beauty expert but I do have a list of daily products that help make me feel good (and pretty, and not bloated, and….). You’ll see, just read on and I’m sure I’ll be oversharing by the end, but sharing is caring, right?! Anything to avoid looking like a hot mess is what motivates me …there are enough things that can go wrong in the day that I want to be able to have my toolbox of health & beauty products I trust to ensure I can make some things go right!

For that fresh, just “washed my face” look – I use it every morning.

It’s meant for scar treatment, but it also happens to work on wrinkles! I use it on my upper lip where my straw-drinking habit has caused lines and it’s really helped diminish them!

Anyone with an oily T zone or nose area will LOVE this – it is soooo good!

I carry these always but especially when traveling. They are chewable, fruit-flavored natural tablets that take away tummy troubles in no time. These are good for kids and adults, alike. I find that my tummy always bothers me and my digestive system doesn’t work as well when I’m out of my routine and traveling somewhere (i.e. bloating, constipation, etc) – these little gems are magic and I like to describe them as a healthy version of TUMS.

Meant for eyebrows mostly but these are so awesome for those little facial hairs that creep up along your jawline (and the ones on your kneecaps that your shaver always misses!)

I use this as a lip balm and to condition my nail cuticles. Feels so good and obviously works well on kids’ boo-boos, too!

Might be my very favorite! I use this for my brows (it’s basically hair gel in a mascara wand) and to tame the fly aways around my hairline EVERY SINGLE DAY. Cheap & easy!

This is one of those products that’s worth the extra cost – I have been using this for several years now and I see noticeable hair growth on my lashes but I also apply it to my eyebrows. Works wonders for those thin little hairs that are hanging on by a thread.

This squishy little ball is so helpful when I’m applying concealer and tinted moisturizer – no streaks!

If I could gift every stressed mama out there one of these little bottles, I would. The smell is yummy but not overwhelming and the mix of essential oils literally takes away my neck or head pain in minutes.

I’m always a little on the warm side (as I’ve gotten older – hello, thyroid!) and being able to spritz a pretty rose or cucumber aloe scent onto my face with no heavy perfumes or dyes is just what I need to feel refreshed.

Not pictured but just as important in my day to day:

I keep this little treasure in the fridge and each morning while my coffee brews, I dab it under my tired, puffy eyes (yes, they pretty much are tired and puffy every morning – I’m a mom?!). The cool cucumber cream feels so nice and is a great morning wake up!

WAY TOO MUCH INFO but here goes:

These little absorbent pads have been like a friend who never lets me down. After having 3 kiddos. I can now pee a little when I laugh, sneeze or jump up too fast. It’s a gift, really. Ha. So – these little liners are in my undies EVERY DAY. I    will likely be buried with a Carefree thong liner when I   die but at least I’ll be dry. You can buy the regular undies size or go crazy and buy the thong one for those sexy days (or every day because you haven’t wanted panty lines since you were 16, so…).

THINNING HAIR?? Here is a product that works!

  • VIVISCAL extra strength hair nutrient tablets

I started taking these daily after my BFF told me about them. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and wanted to avoid losing all of her hair. Her oncologist even approved of Viviscal while she was taking chemo. IT WORKS – her hair thinned but was not noticeable to most people and once I saw that, I decided to try it and see if it would help me after I was diagnosed with hypo-thydroidism (it can cause you to lose hair – eyebrows, lashes, scalp). It worked for me and I’ve since shared it with many friends (men, too). I’ve seen a really noticeable difference in our male friend who had thinning hair on top! Give it a try and let me know what you think! Amazon has the best deal on it but you can also find it at med spas and Ulta, etc. 

Stay beautiful on the inside and out! Kelsy 

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