Joy by Daniele Daugherty

Driving home on a mid Spring afternoon on auto pilot, contemplating all the things I needed to do when I got home and how I wished I just had one day of no adulting or responsibility, gosh I wish I could be a kid again. We have all been there; life can be hard, adulting is over rated. Then I stumbled across something on the side of the road up ahead so I began to slow down….

As I drove closer, I could not believe my eyes; it was three small children, maybe ages five or six. They were jumping and hopping up and down at me as I slowed down. I was certain something was wrong. Why would they be outside on the curb on a busy road with no adult supervision anywhere? I mean, they could be kidnapped or something!

I slowly pulled up to the curb and they came running to the passenger car window. They were so little, they could barley see passed the top of the door to talk to me. I was surprised to see that they were in fact excited and jumping for joy. I was relieved and inquired as to what was going on. In a sweet, squeaky voice, with a strong lisp, I hear, “we are selling bracelets; do you want to buy one?” Well, of course I did and after inquiring on their homemade product I was the proud owner of a turquoise beaded bracelet double the size of my wrist. The goods were $1; I gave them a $5 and did not receive change, nor did I care about the change. Afterall, the joy on their faces from being acknowledged and making a sale and an extra four dollars was equivalent to winning the lottery for me. I still have the bracelet. It serves as a reminder to not take life to seriously, be a kid, be joy, bring joy, give joy….

Parents were in the house watching from the window.

Daniele Daugherty
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