I was in a funk. Mind whirling, feeling confused, wondering if all the hours and time I had spent in my business were even making a difference. Feeling stuck and hopeless and like I was at the bottom of a dark pit with no possible way out.

And that is exactly what my ego wanted me to feel.

Why? Because when I feel that whirlwind of emotion and negative beliefs I stop. I don’t get into action, I don’t show up as the woman I am meant to be. I stay safe and small and in the familiarity of ordinary. And that is NOT where I am meant to be.

And my sweet friend, it is NOT where you are meant to be either. You are meant to shine, to stand up, to move through the fear and the doubt and find the joy, purpose and peace that is waiting on the other side.

So move THROUGH the doubt my friends. See the doubt for what it is, just a familiar mechanism you have used for a lifetime to keep you safe and then… you move right on through. So here are some tips for bursting through the funk.

  • 1. Get quiet:

We live in a world of distraction. Facebook, chocolate, netflicks, phones, and to do lists. All of this noise is what you are using to tune out, to numb from what you truly feel. When you clear away all the noise you may find some voices of doubt, insecurity, fear… usually a feeling of I AM NOT ENOUGH.

This is what you are distracting yourself from. This feeling of Not Enough. But this is not YOU. These are the stories of Not Enough that you have been telling yourself for years. These are the stories that have shaped how you show up in the world. These stories shape whether you choose to eat an apple or mindlessly shovel in the doughnut, promising yourself, “tomorrow I will be better.” Whether you bask in the beauty of your daughter’s laughter, or give her a cursory “uh-huh” as you mentally check off your to-do list.

To clear through the stories and all the noise you have to PAUSE. You have to get quiet and get off the treadmill of swirling “I am not enough” thoughts.

So the next time you find yourself stuck mindlessly scrolling facebook, eating cookies so fast you can’t even taste them, or feeling stuck on the roller coaster of “crazy busy” just PAUSE. Take a moment to pause and breathe. Listen to your breath coming in and out. Listen to your heart beating just for you.

Clear away all the noise and then come home to yourself once again. Focus on the present moment. Focus on your breath. Let go of the swirl of thoughts and tasks and just come back to the here and now. There are gifts waiting for you here.

  • 2. Surrender

When you are stuck in the ego cycle of negative thinking you may find yourself trying to forcefully dig yourself out. You feel the need to DO something to fix yourself. You want the task list to check off to get yourself out of the funk.

But it doesn’t work that way. I have found that you have to wave the white flag of surrender and give up the fight. Surrender is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you are choosing to learn what this experience has to teach you. It is letting go of why is this happening TO me and stepping into why is this happening FOR me.

  • 3. Connect with others

Darkness can not exist in the face of light. Want to get rid of the dark? Turn on the light. When you are in a funk, what do you feel like doing? Most often you feel like hiding.

The way to get out of your funk is to connect with the light of others. Talk with a trusted friend, spend time with your child and be present in the moment, connect to God and feel the light of His Spirit filling in your dark spaces.

  • 4. Let go of how you think it needs to be

You want to be in control because that feels safe. The only problem is control is an illusion. It’s not real. You want life to unfold in the way that makes sense to you because that feels safe, but life is meant to be unpredictable. It is how you grow.

Peace comes from trusting that there is a plan that is Divinely Designed just for you. That no matter what you are experiencing it is perfectly planned for your evolution. You are meant for greatness. You are meant to shine. When you let go of control and trying to cram yourself or others into the box of your expectations you create space to become what you were designed to be. Your idea of what you can become is so finite. It is only in letting go of your control and trusting in your divine plan that you find your true self.

So next time you find yourself in a funk, latch onto the knowledge that this is exactly what you are meant to experience to grow into the awesomeness you are meant for!

Need someone to connect with to explore your funk. Sweet friend, I am here for you! Let’s chat.

Misty Springer