So many people feel unworthy.

No matter how successful they look to others,

Inside they feel unworthy.

Some even believe they are unworthy.

You might substitute the words “not good enough”.

We are not talking about the work you do.

We are talking about a person thinking they are not good enough.

Even if you use not good enough, it is still unworthiness.

There are so many podcasts, books, Ted Talks on:

  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Thinking positive
  • Self-worth

Yet people still feel unworthy.

Why is that?

I want you to consider it is because of your thinking.

This is not to blame you.

This is so you an see you get to decide.

You, not what happened to you, not your thoughts are in charge.

Let me explain:

  • Something happened to you, or
  • Someone said something to you.
  • You mind had a thought about what was said or done.
  • That thought was something like:

I’m not good enough

I won’t ever measure up

I won’t ever succeed

I will never get their approval

I’ll never be worthy

I am unworthy

You mind thought this thought over and over.

So much so that you might not even remember the original incident.

But your mind has held on to this thought.

In fact, your mind thought it over and over so much,

That it turned it into a belief.

It became something you just live with.

Something you don’t understand.

Something you wish was different.

But on some level, it is something you accept as true.

Guess what?

It is not true!

It is just something that in the blink of an eye your mind made up.

That is what our minds do.

In an effort to make sense of people and events in our life,

Our minds make up stories,

And we believe them.

Now that you know the truth:

  • Isn’t it time to let yourself off the hook?
  • Isn’t it time to stop lying to yourself?
  • Isn’t it time to stop beating yourself up?

Here is how you do that:

  • Your mind will believe anything you tell it to think.
  • Choose to replace the thought about being unworthy with a new thought
  • It can be something as simple as:

    I am exactly as I am supposed to be

    I am good enough

    I love myself just as I am

    God doesn’t make any junk

    I am worthy just because I am

  • Practice saying your new thought out loud several times a day
  • When you mind brings up the old thought simply say:

Thank you for sharing, but I am choosing to believe (insert new thought)

I promise if you practice these steps, you will feel worthy and good enough.

You will come to believe it.

Which is great, because you will finally believe the truth about you!

Cindy Esch
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