“Ultimately, real freedom can never exist as long as we believe someone or something outside of our consciousness is the source of anything in our life.” – Derek Rydall

There was a time when I was obsessed with an exit plan from my JOB, my J-O-B (all caps spelled out like a cuss word). I was very negative. My brain trying to solve the question: “How the heckDOI get out of this?!”   All I could see was these shackles of a JOB on my wrist and all I could think of was “job- job- job- job”.  I kept focusing on what it was that I didn’t want. Not recognizing that my personal power was wasted on getting outof this JOB. 

Then I found an easy way to focus my power to my freedom instead of a on my current “imprisonment” It is a “Freedom Statement”.  What does a freedom statement do?  Why is it important?   A freedom statement moves you towards positive freedom, focuses on a freedom for something, it is focused on your true desires, it releases you from fear, and it helps you keep motivated so you’re not you worrying about outside motivation (or motivation that you chase outside of yourself).   The power of a freedom statement is it helps you focus on something you dowant, and keeps you always moving towards something. The freedom statement helps you look outside of and away from those “shackles” instead of focusing on them.   So how do you form a freedom statement?  

The format starts with: 

  • I am free to:  

I am free to: what?

What are you free to do?   

  • The next piece of the format is a verb. A verb is perfect so you can get some momentum.  
  • The third piece of the statement is why. Why are you free to do it? Format the statement so it speaks to what’s inside you.  The why portion of the freedom statement will give you permission.  

Here is an example of a freedom statement: “I am free to create and design a signature brand that empowers women to fulfill their highest potential”

Now that you have a freedom statement how do you use it? The best way to use it is to keep it front of mind and reference it whenever you start to feel like you are focusing on the freedom “from something” vs. “the freedom to something”.  You do this by placing the statement where you will reference or notice it.  

Here are some ideas: 

  • Write it in your planner 
  • Use it as wallpaper on your computer 
  • On your Facebook page as part of your header 
  • Put it on your lock screen on your phone 

Remember to read it whenever you feeling overwhelmed either feeling out of focus or you feel like you need to get back on track. 

Your freedom statement is positive, it moves you towards something you really want, it comes from the self, it is intrinsic motivation (motivation that is not going to fail you), and it gets rid of fear. 

I’d love to read your freedom statement.  Comment Below with what it is and why you were motivated to write it.

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