What could I possibly have in common with Michelle Obama? This thought kept me from picking up her book Becoming for far to long. I have laughed, cried and related with someone that I hardly knew anything about. I want to be clear that I admire Michelle immensely, I just didn’t think that someone of her status, education and power would have anything in her life that I could relate to and boy was I wrong.
After several of my friends suggested that I add her book to my must read list I finally added it and started listing. I am an avid “reader” of books through audible averaging about 55 books a year. It is the one thing that even as a mom, wife, business owner, and community member I refuse to give up it is an indulgence that I take every time I am in the car, doing dishes, or mowing the lawn. I have to tell you the best part of this book well one of them, is that Michelle is the one reading it. The relationship that I feel that I have with her now as a result of that is huge. If it isn’t on your must read book well, then it should be.

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